March 08, 2008

good news from the EU

There are very very few good things about the EU. Those that exist are grossly out weighed by the bad points, and soon there is to be one fewer. The Constitutional Lisbon Treaty is to abolish the right to free movement in the case of sport. Just a little nibble at those few good things that the EU does. Not much really, and about nothing of importance, but it does show that it is possible to occasionally get powers back from beyond the one way valve into the cess pit of the acquis communautaire. Now we just need to get a few more things back, like everything. However that is not going to happen, a state or empire does not give away important powers lightly. Most likely this is simply another step to the EU divesting itself of anything good, much as the Common Market (which British where lied into believing was all the EEC was at the only referendum we have ever had on the EU) is in theory a good idea but in practice has the costs out weight the benefits.


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